Sunday, January 9, 2011

FYTO 5K Race Report

27:29 PR!!

I was wondering about how my legs would do in this event. I have been running short distance lately but have been going fast, so I thought with the cool air, there would be a good chance of a PR. Got out there early and stood in shivering circles with Kim, my neighbor, and Suzanne, my running friend. It's a little bit awkward for me sometimes to meet bloggers in person. "Hey, You're Running Through Phoenix right?" "Hey, I loved your post with the bathroom photo ha ha-- gross!" "Hey, let's hook up!" Being an online hunk of meat is one thing but I'm just Jeff today folks and can we just have a little 5K fun without all the gushing adoration?? You would think SUAR had stepped into the room.

Lauren had gone out the prior day with some police confiscated smack corn starch (I believe she uses Brooks corn starch) to mark the course. 5K (or 7.67 miles) is a typical fun race distance, and many of us are familiar enough with the route around the North end of the zoo along the canal. An 'Out and Back' let's us see who is in first place and who is drafting waiting for a chance to break the lead. As it turns out, the Race Director grabbed the lead at the halfway point and actually finished first overall. Hmmmm. Hmmmm indeed.....

I had a chance to review the video surveillance from a nearby business which told the tale. Our race director, let's call him Adam, can be seen in no less than 4 modes of alternate transportation including a hand-crank wheelchair, a Segway, on the back of a mountainbiker, and in a full scuba suit!
It was this last outfit that illegally gave him the lead. Emerging from the canal, he quickly stripped down to his whitey tighties scaring the other two front runners. Quickly grabbing the lead, The Director sprinted through the finish line and up to the top of the podium. Fun run my butt.
Someone call Batman!!

Well, we got cool medals, nice schwagg, superb cranberry bread, and fellowship at Starbucks, though my group had to ditch the post race coffee. Sweat 'em off, freeze 'em off, we don't care. We just hate thorns and want them all gone and we will keep running until our mission is complete.

If you are looking to join us, we will surely be continuing the tradition of the Sweat Your Thorns Off Summer 5K here in Phoenix. Stay posted. RTP now has 50 followers. Amazing!! As promised, there will be a contest shortly with cool prizes to reward your patience with this blog.


RunningLaur said...

Ha, Brooks brand corn starch it is. Only the best for our courses.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you, again! Now we know how the race director won!

Jamoosh said...

Rock on with that PR!

Morgan said...

Congrats on the PR! LOL! Great write up!

Emz said...


loved this.

Nitmos said...

Congrats on the PR. Even if I thought you were a liar there's no way I could prove otherwise.

Adam said...

Nice work buddy. I think that if you would have wore less clothes you would hvae ran just a bit faster. Maybe?