Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long Run Today

I got in a solid 10 miles this morning, and it felt really good to have all systems working. No bronchial troubles, no calf issues, and only a minor plantar irritation. The weather was perfect and the route is familiar with a slight rise for the first half and a slight downhill trend in the second half. After yesterday's run, I thought I might have a good run today and that's what it was.

Some of those stops were traffic stops, and some were rests, but overall pace is right where it needs to be for a 4:30 marathon pace training plan. I ran the first 7 miles alone then Suzanne jumped in for the last three and drove the pace in that last fraction. My first three miles were too fast but felt effortless so I just went with it. 

Suzanne's plantar is still bothering her and she is wondering what to do for the ARR 20K next weekend. I know what I'm doing: Getting a sassy haircut playing submarine in the bathtub running a very hilly 20K race on South Mountain. I'm a little nervous about the hills. Typically in Phoenix, runners need to seek hills to get that type of workout (or watch hill running videos). South Mountain is a beautiful area and especially this time of year when everything is blooming. Part of me thinks that I won't notice that as I stagger in a forward direction gasping for breath on those hills.

No need for a pre-race report other than to say that I will continue to run this week and see about finishing in less than 130 minutes.


Andrew Opala said...

what was your weather like?

BTW, can't you replace track intervals for the hills? My coach has been switching them up every two weeks. But we're not too hill challenged here.

ShutUpandRun said...

Nice work. How you going to make up those 1551 calories? Kegger?

Aha said...
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