Thursday, March 3, 2011

The 2011 Northern Virginia Bronchitis 1/2 Marathon Race Report

I'm losing my breath just walking from the kitchen to the living room. Got to the doctor yesterday and I'm on all kinds of meds. The only running I'm doing these days is in my Oxycodone-fueled dreams. Like last night:

I was in my old neighborhood where I grew up in Virginia. I was running in a 1/2 M and it was through the golf course. Something interrupted the race for me and I had to do some other work somewhere else for a while, and then I was back in the race and running pretty fast and easy. But I was mentally wrestling with the idea that I had 'taken a break' in the race and would it be ok to 'extrapolate' a finish time based on the last 5 or 6 miles when I resumed running. Hey, it's my dream so wtf. Finish time was 2:07, a new PR and my first race in Virginia -and with hills. Oh, and negative splits. Recovery has been eventless since it was just a dream, but today I will take it extra easy and drink plenty of fluids and continue my medicine regimen.


Adrienne said...

Oh my gosh......hilarious. Hope you do feel better. Bronchitis does not sound fun.

Adam said...

I told you not to stick THAT in your mouth. I knew something bad would happen.

Does bronchitis medicine have those fun mucus dudes like in the musenex commercials? I think every disease should have those... "Is your little aids monster flaring up!? Squish him with this meds"

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's pretty funny! Good luck on a quick recovery! Maybe tonight you'll complete an ultra.

RunningLaur said...

Ha, too funny.
Get better!

Nitmos said...

My dreams don't involve many races. In fact, if your blog is R rated or under, I can't even begin to describe them.