Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's Run

I've wanted to post about a run for a while. Sometimes this Running Blog is about anything but running. I went out this morning with Suzanne, my awesome running partner. She has been suffering from plantar faciitis, and I got over a bad bronchitis this past week, so running has taken a back seat to healing. We took a short run on Wednesday and decided on a faster 5 miles today. The plan is to run long tomorrow and run medium this coming week in preparation for the ARR South Mountain Classic 20K a week from tomorrow. We started off walking and also walked a bit at the 2.5 mile turnaround. Sometime around mile 3.5 she let me go ahead and I turned it on for a strong finish. I was sub 9:00 for a while and finished the mile at 9:15, and had a nice short kick at the end sub 9:00. Felt good to get the lungs open and at full capacity.

You can see the walks and the traffic stops crossing Camelback road. The weather right now in Phoenix is perfect for morning runs and my body feels good again.

Norman the spastic Choc Lab puppy was not in the equation today --he got neutered yesterday and is wearing a surgical collar which is actually nice because he can't dig holes deeper than 2 feet now. We think we'll leave it on and use him as a biological roto-tiller.
Sore nuts?? No nuts!!
We also got the garden in this week and have a nice little plot started. Lots of pepper and tomato varieties, along with all the herbs we usually grow. Mmmmmmmmm, tomato sandwiches!
That back row is for medical purposes only.


ShutUpandRun said...

Norman is setting a good example. If your nuts itch, hurt, get chafed, just have them taken off. At least he can still lick some other areas.

GeorgiaSnail said...

I love dogs with cones on their's a guilty pleasure of mine....sometimes I slap a cone on our dogs head just for fun. Not really. (well maybe once or twice)

Luke said...

That is one big puppy! I hope to get my garden in soon too. Already had it planted by this time last year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Norman....Poor, poor Norman....

Adam said...

Wow, GREAT finish on the kick man. 9:15??? String together a few of those and you've got yourself a 4:00 marathon.

Thank god they dont' put those on humans for touching their balls too much.