Sunday, March 7, 2010

50th Golden Post

I had ideas about working "golden" in with "showers" of accolades, or prizes, or some other juvenile way to connect Golden and Showers (the link is Wikipedia, not pornographic I promise! Is that even porn?) and the 50th post, but that would be cheap and I already feel like I'm setting an unwanted trend in that direction.

Had a really fun group run yesterday with Adam and Lauren. We went about ten miles with Lauren and then Adam and I did almost 3 more. The weather was perfect, and the company was just what I needed. I have decided that I love running with other people. We kept the pace mild and were able to chat the whole way.
Adam is an animal of a runner --he did this whole route on a bum foot and I don't think he sweated. Lauren is a really great runner and right around my level, so we were able to stay in a group without too much sacrifice.

I did wake up last night at about 3 am with sharp pain in my right knee, on the inside. I was not able to completely straighten or contract the knee with out it feeling like there was a knife sticking in it. I've been working it this morning and I think it is abating. I also have a black toenail -2nd toe left side (finally!) Now I have had almost all of the injuries one can get -except nipple chafing. Adam and I discussed this yesterday. Adam tapes all the time, even for short 3 mile runs. I usually only tape for 1/2 marathon or longer, but yesterday only did the Glide on each and had no trouble. JEFF.... GEYER.... YOU..HAVE.. IRON.....NIPPLES!!!!!

This blogging thing has been fun. Thanks again to my 13 followers, and also to the random few who read without following --and yes, even to the Asian porn person who lurks just out of reach of the filters.

If you are interested in forming a regular Sat morning running group with intermittent membership and rotating locations around the valley, let one of us know. 


Pat said...

Glad you guys had a fun time. When I get my mileage back up, I might want to join you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great run! Congrats on your black toenail. I'm not even going to touch the showers comment. :)

Jamoosh said...

Second picture good. First picture...

Adam said...

You know, you could totally go on the road as a carnie with the iron nips. You know, share a bunk with the bearded lady. It'd be a good time. I'd pay the 50 cents to see you.