Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taper week

To the newer followers of RTP: Welcome and thanks for following. I tend to clump my complaint blogs, and the following is a prime example.

I used my taper week this week and will have to run 35 miles the week before San Diego. Either that or resort to my own (admittedly ill-conceived) Couch to Marathon 5 day plan. HJG is not sleeping and he is making sure we aren't sleeping either.

I tried using that excuse plus the old 'work was busy' (it was), 'my itb is sore' (it is) 'I'm supporting Adam through his foot ordeal' (I'm not) excuses, but the fact remains, I did not make it out on the road at all.

Had a chance to run with Lauren and Demi this morning on our weekend canal run and DNS. Hope you guys are tearing it up! As The Governor of California once said, "I'll be back!!" He also said, "Get your ass to Mars!", but that's just sleep deprivation talking.

I am working more and more on the idea of changing to Half Marathon status for San Diego. I'm on a fairly minimal training plan, but not making the weekly goals. Feedback?


Pat said...

SD isn't until June, isn't it? You have plenty of time. Your long runs are in double digits, aren't they? What's the longest you've run? I'm thinking you should be around 10-13 miles in your long runs about now and you'll have plenty of time to got to 20 milers.

Funny, my word verification for this comment is woryn. As in, You shouldn't be woryn too much about this marathon.

Anonymous said...

We missed you out there this morning!

I guess you have to decide on what your goal is. If it's just to get that marathon under your belt, there's still a lot of time until San Diego. Many people don't follow marathon training plans to the letter anyways.

Hope HJG sleeps better at night soon! (I know how rough that can be!)

RunningLaur said...

We sure did miss you for the morning run!
I'm with Rio - if you feel up to it, I'd keep working towards the full marathon and see how the training progresses. Changing down to the half can wait until the day of the expo, so you have plenty of time to test out the full marathon training.

Your first full marathon is supposed to be really nice and slow anyway, so that the second one is easier to get a PR in anyway :)

Adam said...

Run-laur is right. The first one is supposed to be slow so you can crush the second one.

For what it is worth, for my first marathon training I developed shin splints and didn't run for two full weeks right about now. I missed out on a 16 miler (I think). I ended up finishing about where I wanted to and I'm sure that my body enjoyed the time off.

Besides, the Governator would probably just Total Recall and then scream "get into the chopper!!" Did that comment make any sense? No. But it never does when Arnold says it either.

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rgalprelives said...

I completely feel for you young Jeffrey. You have your running goals, but your son has his own goals, which of course are to see how sleep-deprived it takes to get Dad to spring for that ice cream pizza thing for breakfast. I say just give the boy what he wants and you get what you want.

As usual I will ride the fence here. Pat said, you have plenty of time being the SD is in June. So I agree you have time. But I have also been forced to cut back on runs and make less runs more meaningful.

No shame in the 1/2 though, especially on a course you're not too familiar with I assume. But either way, the half or full, they are both solid runs.

Good luck