Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cliff Shot Razz

One made-up hybrid word for this product: Fyucky!! It did the job I guess, I had a really nice 6 miler tonight, but never again. The little tab stays connected to the package via a 'litter leash'. How clever. enough said.

You find running gear in the strangest places. I was in a sports store this weekend called (strangly enough), Fascinations. Fascinations carries The Stick ---that self-massage tool that has helped many a fatigued runner work out sore calves, quads, and hammys. Fascinations carries a wide variety of Sticks --I didn't know there were so many. I tried to get a photo from the internet but got a bunch of inappropriate links and (can I be quite Frank?) suggestive pictures. The Sticks come in lots of colors and sizes and most have a vibrating feature --I suppose for extra soreness. The employees are really friendly, but weren't able to answer my questions about pacing, and recovery techniques. I hope that they start carrying shoes and socks soon, and try to learn a little more about running, or even just a little about sports in general. I already own a Stick and so didn't make a purchase, but did get to sign up for their mailing list.

This weekend, there are a few of us possibly running in a group. Can't wait to run with Adam, Lauren, maybe Rio if she can slow down for us, and who else? Sat about 6:30am in central Phoenix.


Adam said...

Strange. I have a bunch of sticks from Fascinations, but I must be using them wrong. I'm always sore afterwards.

HAHAHAHAAH. OMG - funniest post in a WHILE. Nice work. (shared it in my reader)

Yeah, with those clif gels, you can really tell that the base they use is rice syrup. You can totally taste it. Bleh

Anonymous said...


I'm so sad I'll be missing the super cool group run this weekend! :( I'll be taking the kids to see my folks for the start of Spring Break. Please let me know if you plan another one. Email or tweet me!

Tricia said...

This made me laugh. Thanks :)