Saturday, March 13, 2010

GWMA 6.66 mile Virtual Race Report

6.66 miles 66.91minutes --(almost got the .66!!)

This was a terrific run this morning with Rio and Runlaur. Runlaur started out before we got there and got in a quick 5 miles because she needed 14 total for Bobby Potts. The three of us ended up going nine miles together and I extracted the race time from the first six.6 miles on the Garmin. These two are really fun to run with. We kept a nice training pace and were able to chat the whole way, and no injuries!!

The weather was a little off --it was sunny and about 65 degrees. I run my best at about 68 degrees.

We ran the canal from 48th street past Fashion Square and around some construction, some Italian fishermen, and a guy with a backpack who seemed to be on a little side trip to Pluto. There were also lots of runners out there which is really inspiring.

I can also report that I beat Adam's time who has a foot injury and is restricted to spin classes, The Lifetime channel, and "working his core" (if you know what I mean!!)

Thanks for the Race ROATM! Had fun and got a little bit healthier too.


Anonymous said...

Great job on your race today and hope it kicks off an even better remaining training cycle. Thanks for letting me tag along!

That flaming earth looks like it could be on a 70s album cover! :)

Morgan said...

I'm glad you were able to beat Adam's time but I'm oh so interested to learn more about the guy going to Pluto! LOL! Well done.

RunningLaur said...

It bothers me that we were SO close to the 66.66 time. It'd have been too perfect. Thanks for the great run!

Adam said...

I would have avoided the 66.66 minutes. The fisherman's head would have done a 360 and he would have sprouted horns or something.

Really nice work on getting out the miles. That is crazy that your perfect running temp is 68. I like it way colder, mine is something like 45!

By the way, little do you know that I 'work the core' 3 maybe 4 times a day - more if my wife is gone. Heyoooo

Running Through Life said...

Great job on the race & congrats on beating Adams time as well!