Saturday, November 21, 2009

Early taper week

I took my taper week this past week in prep for the 1/2 in Dec and again in Jan (--that is sarcasm). Didn't run or bike once. Working too hard at the factory. HJG's b-day was today --#2-- and so this day is out of the question for working out. Plan to run the Camelback 5 miler tomorrow again and get back into the groove this week. Dec. 6 is the Fiesta Bowl 1/2. I want to finish in under 2:30 and think I can if I get busy even though it's a 'training run'. Maybe I gathered some more readers this past week thanks to RunLaur, but nobody is an actual follower. Looking back on my posts I can see why. Must develop life!!

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RunningLaur said...

I officially have you added to my reader, so I'll be sure to get all of your new posts.

I think you definitely can break 2:30 at the half - you're the speedy one of the group! (I'm looking for just about that time too - under 2:30 but still nice and easy)