Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Tri bike

I have modified my Trek Navigator 300 to serve as my first Tri training bike. I raised the seat (geometry is our friend) and adjusted the child seat rack(reality is reality). Wanted to save weight by removing reflectors, but the scant few ounces probably won't make a difference at this point in training.
Shimano C101 and SRAM X-7 (big improvements over the X-6), Tektro stoppers, RST steel front forks (completely shot to shit), and Bontragger Hardcase fatties touching the revolving blue marble.
My plan is to commute to work (almost 2 miles each way) and get my bike muscles going, and also ride on weekends with HJG in tow. Got my Shimano clip pedals, and the tension is just right. Need to get a seat pack going with replacement tube. Will continue to run as planned today, 10 miles and I'll update the post later. Swim?? Too cold. It's a start.....
Any road bike sponsors out there???? Giant? Trek, Specialized, Cervelo? I'm ready to work something out.

Today's run. Happy I got ten miles in, but ITB is sore:


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog though a link from Runnin Laur. Glad to virtually meet another Arizona blogger! Looking forward to your posts!

jeffg said...

Glad to meet you Rio! You are my second follower. I don't count my spouse because I had to beg her to follow me.