Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy= not so lazy

Didn't think much would happen today fitness-wise. Was rueing not signing up for the NewTimes 10K, but thought I'd get  run in anyway. Didn't know what would happen after having 4 days off and the last run was lame. Ended up going 8 and had  pretty good time. Legs and feet are sore in a good way, not an injured way. I wanted to post an example of the Trailrunner app so here it is:
Nice satellite maps, and you can choose your map source, including Google Earth.

Now compared to GTC for the same workout (don't be looking at my lame splits and 'call 911' heartrates!)....

Gives you an idea. Referring to the top TR photo, the blue route is the selected route from today. The white 'ghost' routes are prior runs. TR has a nifty download option that will import all your saved GTC workouts into TR. I also keep a log on Runners World. Garmin's Training Center would be ok if it included better maps and if it let us analyze data at selected points, and if it let us aggregate workouts together for analysis. If anyone has other feedback about Trailrunner, please let me know. Glad to be off the couch, though ironically that's just where I am right now.

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